TENNYSON WOODBRIDGE (or thereabouts)

Visual Performance
Lives and works in Berkeley, California

1963 Forms in Long Beach, California
1968 Arrives in Mission Viejo, California (planned community then owned by Philip Morris Companies, Inc.)
1985 BFA from the College of Creative Studies; University of California at Santa Barbara
1985 Arrives in Los Angeles, California
1985 (to 1987) Studio assistant/personal care attendant for Patrick Hogan
1987 (to 1994) Studio assistant for Tony Berlant
1988 (to present) Forms El Disco with artists Joe Clower and Steve Thomsen; embark on first of multiple excursions to the North American desert
1991 Travels to San Blas Mexico to document total solar eclipse
1992 MFA from University of California at Los Angeles
1992 Forms HERD Research (Hederodixical Educational Research and Development) and mentors trading markets with Cedd Moses, Venice, California
1993 El Disco travels to World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado to commemorate Pope John Paul II visit; documents Virgin Mary appearances
1994 Tennyson Woodbridge namesake is born posing and interviewing as press at the Nixon memorial services, Yorba Linda, California
1994 Arrives in Berkeley, California
1995 Tennyson Woodbridge, grandson to the dental floss fortune, films undercover at the Pacific Stock Exchange, San Francisco, California
1995 Research assistant to hedge fund manager Cedd Moses, Portfolio Advisory, Los Angeles, California
1996 (through 2013) Manages individual accounts for accredited investors
1997 Cofounds Wordlab.com
1998 Cofounds quarx.com
2000 Dissolves quarx.com
2005 Moves to Pontlevoy, France, for one year; travels and documents region extensively
2006 (to present) Establishes part time studio in Touraine, France
2011 Travels to Stockholm, Sweden and throughout Iceland for one month, beginning with the summer solstice
2011 Photographs Sontag Appropriations for documentary film Regarding Susan Sontag, released in 2014
2013 Founds Cap Manta, LLC (a registered investment advisor)
2013 Forms large cell anaplastic lymphoma and rethinks everything
2014 Launches idego.com
2015 Travels to Cuba for Havana Biennale; films Taxi to Havana with Emmy Scharlatt
2016 (May-June) Artist in residence, Ricklundgården, Lapland, Sweden
2017 (February-March) El Disco travels to Trans-Pecos region of West Texas and initiates US border inspection
2017 (May-June) Travels to Sicily. Documents beauty, light, and the abundance of cigarettes in the Southern Italian landscape
2017 (August) Travels to Eastern Oregon for total solar eclipse
2017-2018 (November-January) Travels to Badwater Basin in Death Valley four times in six months for ongoing project

1992 Doomsday Optimism, Dickson Art Center, UCLA MFA exhibition
1992 The Day the Earth Stood Still, Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles, California. Curated by Irit Krygier and Jean Milant. Group exhibition of nineteen artists, including Ed Ruscha, Barbara Bloom & John McCracken
2015 The Havana Project, Palos Verdes Art Center, California. Curated by Gail Phinney